What is Mahiti Bandhu?

This kiosk named Mahiti Bandhu is a solar powered information system. It provides information about government schemes for education, Agriculture, Healthcare, Employment, etc. which are helpful to rural people. This project is funded by IEEE to support technology advancement for the benefit of humanity.

Why Mahiti Bandhu?

Our website is dedicated to providing villagers in India with detailed information about the various government schemes and programs that can help empower their village. We understand that accessing government schemes and programs can be difficult, which is why we have created this platform to make it easy for you to find the assistance you need.

India has numerous government schemes and programs that cater to the needs of villagers, and our website provides comprehensive information on all of them. From financial support to start a small business to healthcare programs, education, and training opportunities, our website covers all the schemes and programs that can benefit your village.

Our platform is designed to help you access the information you need easily. We have categorized the schemes and programs based on their type of assistance, making it easy for you to find the ones that are relevant to your needs. So, explore our website and discover the government schemes that can empower your village. We're here to provide you with the information and resources you need to improve your quality of life and contribute to the development of your community.

Project Coordinators

Dr. Megha Arakeri


Bangalore section(R10)

Dr.Hemachandra G

Asst. Professor

EEE Dept, RIT, Bangalore

Mohan Gowda. V,

IEEE volunteer


Development team

Aastha Singh
Amitesh Verma
Amith M
Ayush Jain
Nanditha S
Samprathi H
Shilpa H